Myraa Technologies Is All Set to Thrive by Amplifying Human Data & Skills and by Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology: GoodFirms

Providing cutting-edge solutions to solve artificial intelligence challenges would soon endow Myraa Technologies as one of the top artificial intelligence service providers in Mumbai at GoodFirms.

Myraa Technologies: Infusing Technology in a Simple & Innovative Way:

Incorporated in 2016 and based in Mumbai, Maharashtra-India, Myraa Technologies is a software studio developing cutting-edge solutions to solve artificial intelligence challenges. The professionals cater solutions to businesses that envision emerging out of data challenges towards reality.

From demographic analysis to machine learning and imminent modeling with artificial neural networks, the professionals design & develop custom software. With technical experience & high professionalism, Myraa Technologies is a one- stop shop to industrious architectural designs to seamless, scalable applications.

Myraa Technologies - a universally active, customized tech solutions agency also excels in research-backed developments employing artificial intelligence, blockchains, IoT, & mixed reality.

Myraa Technologies' vision is to augment human intelligence and aptitudes across all efforts by leveraging cutting-edge technology. The experts at Myraa partner with organizations to boost their ability to do what they do the best by instilling intelligent solutions across their business needs. The team is always striving to make tech more human and attract all the human senses.

The CEO & Founder of Myraa Technologies, Shilpa Karkeraa, is a leading AI technology expert. She also incepted MVision - A research incubator working on Blockchains, which was awarded by Indian computer society.

Besides rendering to more than ten different industries, Shilpa is a strategic technologist & advisor to many businesses & universities to set AI & Blockchain syllabuses & train faculty members across foundations.

Myraa Technologies' team endeavors and works across the domain of AI and Blockchain. Shilpa has built an organization that has brought appreciation, recognition, and awards from some preeminent national and international businesses to give back to society and the kind of high learning curve organization.

GoodFirms’ Research Process:

Operating an endless list of categories, documented reports, and research papers to get the best business ally, GoodFirms is serving millions of B2B tech firms to find & develop software products & services with its one-of-a-kind research method based on Quality, Reliability, and Ability.

The researchers' unit also assessed Myraa Technologies and found that rendering robust solutions in the AI, Blockchain, and AR/VR development in Mumbai, India, and globally would soon endow the firm to lead at GoodFirms.

Below mentioned is the essence of the evaluation report made by the GoodFirms unit for Myraa Technologies.

Interacting with Machines like Interacting with Humans:

With the boom in internet connectivity, Myraa Technologies' expert developers' processes capacities and the availability of digital data gears the world for the next leap from programmable solutions to creative software.

With no better spur from nature than the human mind, the expert engineers gradually came to deep learning, one of the core technologies that empower machines to read information, understand, and then process it to make a decision, just like a human would do.

Myraa's NLP solutions can process the meaning of sentences and the intent behind them, as well as the speaker's sentiment. The team has deployed the NLP algorithms across Maritime, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Real Estate & HR-Tech, and others.

Thus, processing technology that enables machines to understand the way humans speak text would soon endow Myraa Technologies as one of the best artificial intelligence companies in Mumbai.

Unlocking Blockchain with Azure:

With smart contracts, Myraa's team helps individuals come into a self-enforcing, changeless agreement that auto-executes itself as the stipulations defined. With these new-age contracts employing blockchains and AI, the experts help clients intelligently read, evaluate, and execute contracts in a tamper-proof way.

At Myraa, the engineers' team has built expertise over the years via analysis, suitable employment & development, consulting across domains, and finishing all the research into a user-friendly book.

Thus, understanding clients' problem statement and vision in detail to give them seamless tech-powered solutions would soon bequeath Myraa Technologies to grab a secure position in the up and coming leaders in the top blockchain development companies in India list at GoodFirms.

Bridging the Gap between the Physical & Digital with AR Solutions:

With Augmented Reality, the group offers a whole new paradigm of experiences to clients and end-users by leveraging the power of their smartphone camera.

The experts are well-versed that AR has rapidly grown over the years and is helpful for applications such as art training, product launches, real estate, and a few others. The experts employ AR technology to help the clients' business grow in terms of smartphone penetration, faster processors, and network presence.

Moreover, the expert developers build AR/VR systems that collect and process data via sensors installed on different devices: headsets, mobile, cameras. Thus, seamlessly integrating augmented and virtual reality software with other solutions would soon endow Myraa Technologies to tap into the list of the top augmented reality and virtual reality companies at GoodFirms.

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