We infuse Technology in every aspect of life in
A fast , simple and innovative way

We are Myraa Technologies, a globally active, Customized Tech Solutions Company excelling in Research backed Developments using Artificial Intelligence, Blockchains, Internet of Things & Mixed Reality.

Our vision is to amplify human intelligence and capabilities across all endeavors by leveraging cutting edge technology. We partner with organizations to augment their ability to do what they do the best by infusing intelligent solutions across their business needs. We are in pursuit to make tech more human and our solutions appeal to all the human senses

Our Management Team

Shilpa Karkeraa

Founder & CEO
Shilpa Karkeraa, is a leading AI technology expert & the CEO & Founder of Myraa Technologies. She also founded MVision - A Research Incubator running on Blockchains which is awarded by Computer Society of India. Besides catering to 10+ diverse industries, she is a Strategic Technologist & Advisor to several companies & Universities to set AI & Blockchain syllabuses & train Faculty members across Institutions.


Shashikant M. Karkera

Chief Operating Officer
Shashikant M. Karkera, Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Myraa Technologies comes with 30+ years’ experience in Materials Management & Supply Chain in Large Multinational Corporations and is well conversant with Custom / export & Import Procedures. He joined Myraa in the second year of its operations after his stint at Engineering Services, Air India Express.

Media & Awards

Our efforts and work across the domain of AI and Blockchain, our work in giving back to the society and the kind of high learning curve orgaization we have built has brough us appreciation, recognition and awards from some leading national and international bodies