AI Studio For Food & Beverages


  • Inventory Tracking Tool
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Order Processor
  • Kitchen & Staff Manager
  • Activity Tracker
  • Recommends Strategies
  • Access & Run your Business From Anywhere
  • Blockchain of Vendors & Suppliers


An intuitive deep learning Bot that automatically tracks stocks, orders & optimize supply.
A Vendor Management system for Seamless Supply Chain in sync with the
Inventory Reduction System of chains of Hotels linked by VetaStudio.
Niche Gourmet Hotels with centralised & localised
inventory records. It Chains up Menus and helps to keep inventories optimum. Once the
chain of hotels are connected, VetaStudio tracks competitive vendors that supply
to these hotels and expand their business through automatic dispatch and easy flow.

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    Office No. 18, Crystal Plaza, Sector 7, Kharghar, New Bombay , Maharashtra.