The ultimate digitalization tool to translate trade documents to Smart Contracts with Artificial Intelligence for Visual translation!

What does SmartPlug do?

SmartPlug provides businesses to digitalize, onboard onto a Blockchain and conduct trade using SmartContracts.
It decodes any formats of documents involved in trade and intuitively classifies key parameters for SmartContracts. It provides real time actionables, for instance, it develops Live Smart Contracts out of a Purchase Order or a letter of Contract and provides real time alerts to the node players involved. Facilitates transactions as per agreements on the contract.


There is a problem of broken Supply Chain practices, delayed Procurement processes, and uncoordinated Logistics with Trade Finance. These challenges would be creased out by SmartPlug bringing the Blockchain Infrastructure.


The core secret sauce is the Universal Parser, that combines its Visual Recognition and Natual Language Processing to translate trade documents.


Users can trust that transactions which will be executed exactly as the protocol commands removing the need for a centralised third party. Has the potential to greatly reduce transaction fees.


SmartPlug facilitates reduced manual intervention, decentralised, enhanced trade finance automation, machine translation of documents, self authentication, reduced costs.

Plug & Play

Ensuring transparent trade flows and self-authenticated procedures in the supply chain, "Plug & Play" highlights a preview of our product. Experience the next generation of trade with automations in real-life scenarios. Revolutionizing trade, SmartPlug introducing businesses to blockchains coupled with our AI capabilities.

Try it yourself:
Choose from the two business network definitions. It will download the Business Network for testing onto the Demo Console for SmartPlug.

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