Empowering Global Businesses


  • Real Time Intuitive Quotation Advisor
  • Enhances the Speed to Service
  • Document Digitization
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Assimilates Financial Calculations
  • Data on Suppliers, Products & Transactions
  • Boost in Customer Acquisition
  • End to End Commercial Solutions for Traders


An intuitive deep learning Bot that learns about your business & helps you quote in in real time! A one stop shop for businesses dealing in international transactions which struggle with currency fluctuations,varying taxes and changing commodity prices. QuoteCapital is a customizable business enabler that reduces the time, money and energy spent by a global business in developing the quotes to be given to the customers at the time of a deal. It does this through a deep learning bot which analyses all the existing transactions and monitors, the global currency and taxation data. It enhances the customer experience, helps the business deliver on its core strength, ensures faster delivery times and relinquishes the time and energy spent on transactional commercial activities, leading to happiness for all stakeholders. Fights for the best bid keeping the profit margins intact!

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