Intelligent Recruiter


  • Personalised HR BOTS
  • Score Calculator
  • Resume Management & Parsers
  • Job Description Interpretation
  • High Searchability
  • Intuitive Matching
  • Recommends the Best Match
  • Ease of Data Management


An intuitive Deep Learning Bot that acts as a Recruiting Engine. Parses through all Resumes & builds Inventory. Pools out the talent & enables high Searchability in various aspects. It's high grid of Neural Network fetches the nodes mapped to the Job Description. It is a scalable and extensible system for seamless & rapid recruiting. It aims to develop an intuitive high speed, high hit rate neural network powering the Recruitment with fine tuned Alignment Scores.

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  • Location India:
    Office No. 18, Crystal Plaza, Sector 7, Kharghar, New Bombay , Maharashtra.